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Do you want to always have flawless hair but the heat of the straighteners will ruin it?

Don't worry, I understand you perfectly, and that's why I have the solution that's right for you. 🤝

I too have always loved wavy hair but the high heat of the straightener has damaged them considerably, filling them with split ends and making them become straw.

Take care of them, having a natural hairstyle has never been easier.

If you also have these problems:

❌ you hate to damage your hair with the heat of the straighteners and look for a natural remedy to make it beautiful;

❌ you have split ends and dry hair due to poor hair care;

❌ you would like to have perfect and natural hairstyles in 2 minutes.

Well you are in the right place.

I'll help you make your wishes come true with the brand new and professional Wavy Cuddle ™. 🥰

What is it and how does it work?

Wavy Cuddle ™ has designed a round curling iron on which you can wrap your thick hair to make it take the desired shape.

In just under a few hours you can untie them and enjoy the perfect new hairstyle.

I recommend doing this before going to sleep with damp hair and melting it the next morning, in this way the style will last for several days.

Have I convinced you?

With Wavy Cuddle ™ you can finally:

✅ have perfect wavy hair in 2 minutes;

healthy hair that will thank you, grow faster and more silky;

✅ say goodbye to straighteners, annoying curlers, or any other torture machine for your hair.

Try the revolution too, take care of yourself from today.

What are you waiting for? Choose your color and let yourself be lulled by the comfort of Wavy Cuddle ™.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Anna D.

I used to have super curly hair when I was young. As I grew up and maybe because of moving to a place with different humidity or something, my hair lost a lot of it’s curl and just became kind of a gross frizzy mess. I turned to heat to either curl or straighten it which obviously resulted in more damage.

I’ve spent the last year trying to find an easy, effective way to style my hair without heat. Everything I used was either not very effective or way too uncomfortable to wear for the necessary amount of time. I’m so happy I found Wavy Cuddle! It not only works SO well and I love my hair again, but it’s comfortable enough to sleep in AND it actually looks pretty cute when it’s in! I would probably even wear it while running errands!

I’ve thrown away all my other styling tools and I’m sticking with Wavy forever! Thank you!

Maolan M.

Super cute, easy and effective! Best if you are looking for heatless options.

Benton S.

Don't want to post too many selfies of my fabulous new hair, but y'all have made it SO easy for me to effortlessly get ready in the morning and have my hair looking amazing. I'll admit, I've always be horrible at doing my own hair, primarily because it's super fine and generally doesn't hold curl well. Since getting the wavy cuddle I've used it every day and have gotten so many compliments. The curls start out pretty 'big' in the mornings (after drying my hair and applying heat, then letting it set while I do my makeup), but by the end of the day I have these amazing waves. My fine hair all of the sudden looks like it has amazing body and volume. I've considered buying the Dyson airwrap to do the same thing that the bunny blowout kit does to my hair, but I don't need to anymore and this is probably even easier than that!

Brittany R.

This product is absolutely amazing! My hair is super thin and doesn’t hold a normal curl. Withwavy cuddle my curls will last for two days and will look like I just curled it. I love this product I use it multiple times a week. I will never curl my hair with heat again!!!

Allison O.

The wavy cuddle is amazing and I love the results I get without blow drying or using a curling iron! I’m very impressed with the quality of the product and how easy it is to use.

A few things I’ve learned -

1. My hair must be fully dry or else it will not dry wrapped up.

2. Use it on clean or cleanish hair. I tried to use it on day three after my shower and the grease in my hair limited the results.

3. Using a texturizing spray before wrapping really adds volume and I use hair spray when my hairs wet. Keeps the results longer.

4. To sleep in for me is a bit challenging so I wrap my hair one to two hours before bed then at bed time I take out the buns held in with the big scrunchies and leave my hair wrapped just not tight up. Results = 👌