3D Pen™

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Let your imagination run free in every dimension with the 3D Pen™!

With the 3D Pen™ it's possible to create works of art in three dimensions with ease, allowing you and your loved ones to express yourselves without limitations. 

Designed to encourage creativity and exploration, the 3D Pen™ is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun!

✅ INVITES CREATIVITY- Break free of all the limitations that comes with regular coloured pencils! With the 3D Pen™ you're free to explore wherever your imagination leads you;

✅ EASY TO USE- Intuitive and easy to use, with the 3D Pen™ you are free to start creating as soon as you open up the packaging;

✅ NO WIRES- The 3D Pen™ operates with no wires that gets in the way, allowing for complete freedom of movement during your creation process;

✅ HOURS OF FUN- The3D Pen™ is rechargeable and comes with three different colours and papermodells that will help inspire you. You are sure to experience hours of fun with the 3D Pen™!


Pen size: 187mm*44mm*30mm
Weight: 65g
Tip diameter: 0,7mm
Colour material: ABS/PLA
Colour melting temperatures: ABS (215°C)/PLA (185-190°C)
Speed: Adjustable
Voltage: DC 12V 2A


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Thomas A.
Hours of fun

Great value for such a cool tool. Son loves using it and I love seeing his artistic side come out on something other than video games.

Andrea O.
Fun for all ages !

Bought this for my 11 year old. She has had so much fun with it. As did I! She’s made the cutest little things. Still going strong several months and projects later

Gina L.
Awesome gift for creative kids

Gave this to my 8 year old son for Christmas and he LOVES it! He had no idea what it was or that something like this pen even existed. He is very creative and always making things out of anything we have in the house so I knew this would be a great gift for him. Great for beginners!

Thomas I.

My 11yoa son uses this a ton! We watched some videos on YouTube for tips and tricks on using a 3D pen and that helped. Like most anything it takes patience and a few tries but we love it and my son is making all sorts of things.

Roby R.
Great for beginners.

Best money I've spent for my creative, engineer-minded 13 yo. He put it to use right out of the box and has hardly put it down since. He uses it at least 3 days a week to fix a toy, or create some fantastic new creation. Great for beginners. I bought two extra packs of filament (300ish feet) and after two months he still has plenty.